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The biggest bitcoin
event in Europe

June 8 10, 2023
PVA Expo Prague

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The hottest bitcoin
topics in one place

Bitcoin as a strong community

Bitcoin connects creative and independent people. Bitcoin communities are growing up in Europe and many great projects are being created. At BTC Prague, we'll bridge the language barriers between these communities and peek behind the curtain of each country.
Real people from Ukraine, the Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world will come to Prague. They will talk about how bitcoin helps them fight authoritarian regimes and strive for a better life.
Bitcoin is developing dynamically thanks to its open source approach. Mining, lightning network, protocols, applications etc. You can get the hottest information first-hand from the developers and other key players.
Bitcoin brings a healthy option to the legacy financial system. At BTC Prague, you'll learn how it can help you weather the gathering economic storm, withstand inflation and preserve the value of your own work for the future.

Why should you come?

The most important
bitcoin conference in Europe

More than
10.000 visitors

The best opportunity
for networking

60 world-class speakers

We invited the most important names. They will provide you with their know-how and knowledge giving you a head start. You will get to experience all the developers, podcasters, business owners and bitcoiners whose voices matter.

60 world-class speakers

100 companies in expo site

Top bitcoin companies from all over the world will come to Prague. You already use their products and solutions, or you will use them soon. You can compare their offerings and, best of all, try out the products and services on the spot.

100 companies in expo site

Focus on networking

Arrange meetings with TOP personalities and companies of the bitcoin world at BTC Prague. In 2023, there will be no better place in Europe to make new business connections and meet like-minded people.

Focus on networking

Atmosphere and Czech beer

You can look forward to a friendly atmosphere and a broad variety of great food and amazing drinks. We have arranged a comfortable environment where you can share fresh experiences with others while enjoying the best beer in the world.

Atmosphere and Czech beer

Speakers and guests

We will announce more great names in January 2023.

Michael Saylor

Executive Chairman of MicroStrategy
Bitcoin expert at the biggest hodler among public companies with +130k BTC on their balance sheet. Michael stands behind free education initiatives saylor.org & hope.com.


Host of “Stephan Livera Podcast”


Founder of YT channel "Blocktrainer"


Bitcoin author & podcaster


Host of the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast


CEO of Fedi


Bitcoin entrepreneur & consultant


Author of the "∞ / 21M” book


Bitcoin educator & author

Why Czechia and Prague?

Prague Castle<br />
and medieval streets

Prague Castle
and medieval streets

Great beer<br />
and traditional pubs

Great beer
and traditional pubs

Modern neighborhoods<br />
and architecture

Modern neighborhoods
and architecture

There have been some great projects developed in Prague that are driving the global adoption of bitcoin and its development:

TREZOR hardware wallet

Trezor is the world's first hardware wallet with more than 1 million units sold. It is a fully open source project following the spirit of bitcoin.

Braiins are developing a software solution for bitcoin mining. They also operate the world's oldest mining pool, which has mined 1.3 million BTC since 2010.

General Bytes created the world's first BTC ATM. Since 2013, they have delivered over 13,000 ATMs to buy and sell bitcoin into 143 countries around the world.


Who is behind the event

Our goal is to connect bitcoin communities and help with broader bitcoin adoption. That’s why we curated the most appropriate topics, speakers and companies. For 4 years now, we have been organizing the world’s biggest non-English conference with thousands of visitors. Thanks to BTC Prague we are now expanding our reach to the entirety of Europe.

for bitcoiners

Pre-sale of tickets

The second wave of tickets is available for a special price until 31. 1. 2023 or until sold out.

For public

Bitcoin Expo

2-day EXPO event (100 worldwide companies)
Entertainment, chillout zone, Czech stage, EXPO stage
On-boarding brochure “How to begin with bitcoin”
9 €
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For Bitcoiners


Includes the Bitcoin EXPO Pass plus:
2-day bitcoin conference (60 world-class speakers)
Talks and panels full of practical info
Bar straight in the conference hall
175 € 205 €
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For professionals

Industry pass

Includes the Conference Pass plus:
1-day business conference aimed to expert and technical topics
B2B focused content
Time and space for relaxed networking and business
390 € 450 €
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For whales

Whale pass

Includes the Industry Pass plus:
Limited number of tickets
Access to the separated Whale zone during all 3 days
Meeting all the speakers and partners
Food and drinks throughout all 3 days
Stylish smokers club for relaxed networking and business meetings
Exclusive party event
1290 € 1450 €
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5% discount when paid in bitcoin.

Full refund guarantee in case the event is canceled due to Covid or other restrictions.

Do you want more tickets at once? Do you want to upgrade your tickets? Email us at hello@btcprague.com.

BTC Prague Venue


PVA EXPO Praha Letňany

19 000 m2

Easy access by public transport, nearby the airport

High-capacity parking lot

Find on Google Maps

What language is the event to be held in?

The conference will be in English. The Expo part (outdoor stage and expo stage) will be combined – Czech and English.

We are hosting BTC Prague in a country and city that has given the bitcoin world many great projects. The whole event was born out of this fertile ground. As organizers, we curate the topics, speakers and companies. Our goal is to talk about the most important topics, help bitcoin adoption and bring the community together. We devote our energy to making the atmosphere at the event welcoming and friendly as well, giving rise to new connections and ideas.

One group consists of bitcoiners from all around the world who are familiar with the topics and are looking for deeper insights and to meet like-minded people. The other group is people who have heard about bitcoin, want to get introduced to it, or are slowly getting into bitcoin. They will receive full service at the event, including information and testing of bitcoin products and services.

General partner

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