Why to become a partner of BTC Prague 2023?

The most important BTC event in Europe

10 000 visitors, 3 000 Bitcoiners

Target of the whole audience before, during, and after the event

Accent on networking and business contacts

Packages for small and big companies

A series of side events across Prague

BTC Prague is the biggest event in Europe with high reach and impact between European Bitcoiners and pre-Bitcoiners. Thanks to presenting at the expo area you can reach your customers and introduce them to your products and services. In the Whale zone and at the professional conference day you will gain unique business opportunities and new connections.

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The most important topics
of the Bitcoin world in one place

Bitcoin as a tool of freedom

Bitcoin is making the world more free. Speakers from Ukraine, Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world will tell us how Bitcoin helps them in their fight for a better life under oppression. Our special guest Gleb Naumenko will talk about financing the war against Russia and how he was able to quickly receive funds in the first days of conflict for Ukraine - thanks to Bitcoin.
Bitcoin teaches us to think smarter about keeping the value of our own work. The current financial system based on money printing is not sustainable. Because of the high inflation and geopolitical situation we are heading into another financial recession. At BTC Prague, you will learn from the best minds how to survive the next collapse of the financial system and become a winner thanks to Bitcoin, low time preference and other tools.
There are a lot of technological innovations happening in Bitcoin all the time. Thanks to the open source approach, Bitcoin is developing more dynamically than any other invention in the history of humanity. At BTC Prague, we want to celebrate all of this and dive deep into Bitcoin Core, Lightning Network, mining and other related topics. We've invited unique speakers from the developer community who were at the birth of projects you know and use by yourself to give us a peek under the hood of the technological cutting edge.
Bitcoin naturally connects creative and independent people. In Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Netherlands and other countries new Bitcoin communities and meet-ups are being set-up and a number of great companies and projects have been established. We would like to introduce them at BTC Prague, break down the language barrier, start a cooperation and set the basis for formation of new ideas and common energy.

From the Bitcoiners
to the Bitcoiners

Our aim is to connect the Bitcoin community and to speed-up Bitcoin adoption. We meticulously curate a selection of speakers and companies who fulfill this intention. We organize the BTC Prague conference as people who believe in Bitcoin. For the past four years in a row we have been organizing a local Bitcoin conference ChainCamp and now with BTC Prague we are helping the Bitcoin adoption across Europe.

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We are happy to see how quickly the Bitcoin community grows also in Europe so we are very much looking forward to the BTC Prague conference. It's always great to see so many enthusiastic Bitcoiners at one place.
Jan Kočenda
Jan Kočenda
CMO - SatoshiLabs
It’s important that the Bitcoin event and education scene improves in the EU. That’s why we at Braiins support this project and will be there to meet the community at the biggest BTC event in Europe.
Kristian Csepcsar
Kristian Csepcsar
CMO - Braiins
It's gonna be an inspiring experience for Bitcoiners across the globe, right in the heart of Europe. GB team is happy to back up BTC Prague!
Karel Kyovský
Karel Kyovský

Demographics of BTC Prague 2023 visitors

Who do we expect at the event
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Med. partner Blocktrainer

135 000 subscribers

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Stephan Livera Podcast

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Bitcoinovej kanál

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Krypto Mates

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Med. partner European Bitcoiners
European Bitcoiners

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Med. partner Lunaticoin

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Variants of sponsorship

We are hosting a modern, fresh and fun event, which is aimed for a great result for our sponsors. We offer several partnership packages each of which will cover all your needs and requirements. The basic element of the presentation is the booth in the expo area available in four standardized sizes. You can choose from additional services for active and passive promotion of your brand. For more information and the MediaKit, please contact Martin Kuchar, Sales Director and co-founder of BTC Prague.

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Contact for a partners

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Martin Kuchař
Sales Director and Co-Founder of BTC Prague