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BTC Prague is the biggest bitcoin event in Europe with high impact on European bitcoiners. Thanks to affordable tickets the event aims to broad pre-bitcoin audience as well. Your presence on the expo site will speak to both your existing and potential customers. In Whale area you are going to meet more than 200 TOP movers of the bitcoin scene and you will get unique contacts.

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The hottest bitcoin
topics in one place

Bitcoin as a strong community

Bitcoin connects creative and independent people. Bitcoin communities are growing up in Europe and many great projects are being created. At BTC Prague, we'll bridge the language barriers between these communities and peek behind the curtain of each country.
Real people from Ukraine, the Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world will come to Prague. They will talk about how bitcoin helps them fight authoritarian regimes and strive for a better life.
Bitcoin is developing dynamically thanks to its open source approach. Mining, lightning network, protocols, applications etc. You can get the hottest information first-hand from the developers and other key players.
Bitcoin brings a healthy option to the legacy financial system. At BTC Prague, you'll learn how it can help you weather the gathering economic storm, withstand inflation and preserve the value of your own work for the future.

Who is behind the event

Our goal is to connect bitcoin communities and help with broader bitcoin adoption. That’s why we curated the most appropriate topics, speakers and companies. For 4 years now, we have been organizing the world’s biggest non-English conference with thousands of visitors. Thanks to BTC Prague we are now expanding our reach to the entirety of Europe.

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We are happy to see how quickly the Bitcoin community grows also in Europe so we are very much looking forward to the BTC Prague conference. It's always great to see so many enthusiastic Bitcoiners at one place.
Jan Kočenda
Jan Kočenda
CMO - SatoshiLabs
It’s important that the Bitcoin event and education scene improves in the EU. That’s why we at Braiins support this project and will be there to meet the community at the biggest BTC event in Europe.
Kristian Csepcsar
Kristian Csepcsar
CMO - Braiins

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Stephan Livera Podcast

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Bitcoinovej kanál

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Krypto Mates

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European Bitcoiners

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Partnership options

The basic part of your presentation is a booth in the expo area. The price of the partnership includes a complete service including rental, construction and operation of the booth based on your requirements. On the conference day, you will arrive to a ready-to-go solution so you can focus on your activities. How to proceed? Call or write to BTC Prague Sales Director Martin Kuchař to arrange a meeting.

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